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by - martes, febrero 13, 2018

Hi everyone!

Today I want to talk you about a page that I discovered a few days ago. This page is called Milly Bridal UK and is so useful because the wedding or graduation season are very near and, you want the best dress for you, don't you? 😄

So, let's see! In MillyBridal UK you can find a lot of dresses in a lot of styles and colours. The best in the page is that you can find post with information about how to choose correctly your size or how to find the colour which is the best for your skin tone.

The Prom Dresses 2018 are here! Here you are some dresses that I like. I think there are beautiful dresses and I would have loved dress them in my graduation. Of course, you can find them in a lot of different colours and sizes. My options are for an ideal graduation are: an off - shoulders asymmetrical dress, a beautiful two pieces with a tulle skirt and a simple long dress with V-neck.

 Vestido asimétrico con hombros al descubierto

 Vestido dos piezas MillyBridal UK

 Vestido sencillo con escote en pico MillyBridal UK

Also, you can find wedding dresses. Probably, your wedding day is going to be one of the most special days in your life, so you need the most beautiful and comfortable dress for you! 

If I had to choose a wedding dress for me in this moment, I think I would choose this elegant one. I find this dress clasic but perfect for nowadays. 

 Vestido de novia hombros al descubierto MillyBridal UK

Remember that your wedding day have to be perfect and you will be more happy if your dress is the perfect for you 😉

And last but not least, the payment methods, shipping information, etc... About the payment methods, you can pay your purchase with your credit card or Pay- Pal (I think it is great). About the shipment, you need to check the tailoring time and then, the shipping time. Of course, you need to check if the shop send its products to your country. 

And that is all! Did you know about MillyBridal UK? Have you ever bought dresses for special moments on the Internet? Tell me in the comments below.

See you in the next post!

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  1. Un post super interesante!! Unos vestidos ideales!! Me han encantado!!