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by - martes, mayo 15, 2018

Hello everyone!

Today, I am going to talk about a different issue on the blog. I am totally sure that this information will be very useful for you and for every women you know.

On this post I want to give you some advices to be the healthy woman you wanna be.

So, let’s go with some tips that I found on the website Check Pregnancy:

  • Firstly, we need to pay attention to our vaginal discharge. Maybe, you can think something is going wrong if you see the vaginal discharge, mainly during your pregnancy, but don’t worry because it is completely normal. Of course, you need to pay attention and take control about its color and consistency because they can indicate severe health problems (if your are interested, you can read about the types of vaginal discharge on their page).

Also, so soon the summer comes a lot of women have problems with infections, specially vaginal infections. It usually happen because we can be many hours with this delicate zone wet in the beach or in a pool, so be careful about this and go to the doctor if you have any symptom of illness.

  • Nights when you are having the period are terrible and we all know it. Many of us don’t know how can sleep comfortable in the red days. Normally, we think we can't go to bed using a tampon. Obviously yes, you can use them instead pads but only in the last days of your period and you have to follow some rules about them. Firstly, you can’t wear it more than 8 hours. On the second place, you will use the tampon only when you have the flow and always using the lightest absorbency level for your it. Last but not least, if you don’t have the period please, don’t use a tampon. If you are expecting it, use a pad while it doesn’t come.

Also, you have to avoid tampons after giving birth. It is very important because the vagina will be more sensitive to pain about a few months after that and because the body’s immune system is weaker too. So, avoiding infections is in your hands.

  • The benefits of drinking tea for our organism. It is known for all that tea has a lot of benefits for us. From being  a perfect antioxidant to helping us to lose weight, tea is in every home for some reasons. But, is good drinking tea during pregnancy? To give an answer, I am going to tell you which ones are safe for you! There are specifics teas for pregnant women that contains ingredients like chamomile, which helps you with inflammations or sleep time, peppermint or ginger, ideal against nausea, lemon balm, that lifts the mood and prevent anxiety and insomnia, rose hips, which contain vitamin C, or nettles, rich in vitamins C, A and K in addition to potassium, iron and calcium.

With no doubt, these advices will help you in the way to be a little bit healthier. If you want to, you can find more information about women health on Check Pregnancy.

See you on the next post!

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