Multicolor Wigs - Where Can I Find Them?

by - jueves, mayo 28, 2020

Hello everybody!


Today, I want to talk to you about a trend that, for me, it is known thanks to Monica Naranjo, whom in the 90’s used to have her hair divided in two different colors, black and write.
I never knew if it was her natural hair or a wig but, if you like this trend and you don’t want to dye your hair, you can use wigs that are very original and casual and that are going to make you to be the centre of every gaze!
So, let’s talk about this kind of wigs that have one side with one color and the one another with other different tonality.


Natural Hair Wigs

If you don’t like synthetic wigs, don’t worry because you can find natural hair wings on the Internet. Obvioslly, natural hair wigs look more natural than the synthetics ones and this is important because having one of them, you will be more confortablea and noboby will know that you are wearing a wig.

Peruvian Hair Wigs

As I said, you can find on the Internet lots of wigs, such as this half black half green wig, which is made with natural peruvian hair.

This hair is known for being thick and coarse. Also, this kind of hair is very lightweight but is able to provide volumen and looks totally natural.

Also, peruvian hair is suitable to make different hairstyles, as having curls, waves or having it totally straight. Of course, this choice is durable and extremely versatile.

As you can see in the image, this wig as a very modern concept and you can buy it in two different styles and in for different lengths. 

Another example of this type of wigs is this model, which is curly and looks very, very natural. 

Of couse, not only can you find full lace wigs, but you can also find lace front wigs, hair wefts, closures and frontal pieces.

Brazilian Hair Wigs

Another kind of wigs made with human hair are the ones that are made with brazilian hair. This type of wigs are the most selling and, probably, one the most beautiful types of hair on the market.

The brazilian hair is characterized by its shiny look and its texture, that is usually wavy, straight and curly.
This type of hair can be kept for many months, as long as you have it with a good maintenance.

One of the models on the web page with this type of hair is this natural curly hair, made with brazilian hair totally virgin. Also, you can find wigs with the hair dyed in different colors.

Also, you can find lace front wigs, hair wefts, closures and frontal pieces made with this kind of hair.

Synthetic Wig

There are less models on LuxHairShop, but you can find synthetics wigs as well, so you can find the best for you!

Now, I want to know. Have you ever used a wig? And, when have you used it? Tell me in the comments below! 😀

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