Everything about the Lovatic Challenge ( #RetoLovatic)

by - martes, agosto 04, 2015

Good morning everyone!

Today, I present you a nail art and make-up challenge. It’s called Reto Lovatic, and it's organized by Lidia (from the blog and Youtube Channel Todo por un sueño) and me, Raquel.

At this challenge, the key is to recreate a Demi Lovato make-up and her manicures (you can see some of Demi’s recreated by me here) following the next rules for every week:

- 1st week (from 09/20 to 09/26: Musical. This week are valid any nail art desings and any make-up Demi had in musical shows, videoclips. Definitely, a moment where her music was present.

- 2nd week (from 09/27 to 10/03): TV. Any manicure or/ and make-up you’ve seen on any TV program, film, serie, TV commercial…

- 3rd week (from 10/04 to 10/10): Red carpet. Manicures or make-up Demi worn on the red carpet of any event.

- 4th week (from 10/11 to 10/17): Magazine. Make-up or/ and manicures from magazines covers, photo shoots…

This is it! Obviously, you can participate with manicures, make-up, or both. And of course, don’t worry because we have many examples of manis and make-up in our Instagram profiles (@LifeOfLidia and @RompiendoLosEsmaltes ).

Finally, you can follow our Facebook page, Reto Lovatic, to be informed about everything related to the challenge.

I hope you like it and participate! Kisses!

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